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The article on visual fields in Short-toed Eagles online

Oct 25, 2017 / Comment

This article mentioned here in 2006 is available online now: • Graham R. MARTIN & Gadi KATZIR, 1999 – Visual Fields in Short-Toed Eagles, Circaetus gallicus (Accipitridae), and the Function of Binocularity in Birds // Brain, Behavior and Evolution, 53: pp. 55-66. – (En). Some other articles on the ResearchGate portal will be represented here […]

GPS-GSM tagging of Short-toed Eagles in Hungary

Oct 14, 2017 / Comment

Within the framework of the Turjánvidék LIFE project, which aims the preservation of habitats of such species as the endangered Hungarian Meadow Viper (Vipera ursinii rakosiensis), two Ecotone GPS-GSM trackers were bought in 2016. The main aim was to follow the life of a Short-toed Eagle pair residing close to and hunting regularly on viper […]

Jorge Rubio’s photos of Short-toed Eagles

Sep 30, 2017 / Comment

Excellent pictures of Short-toed Snake Eagles taken by Spanish wildlife photographer Jorge Rubio are available in the special gallery on his personal website. Adult eagles at their nest and moments of their family life are represented there.

Short faunistic notes: CE Belgium and NE Italy

Sep 30, 2017 / Comment

We are continuing to collect various texts about Short-toed Eagle records and observations in various regions. Along records in modern online databases, they give the fuller patern of the species distribution and its evolution within recent decades: • Giacomo SGORLON, 2016 – Estivazione del Biancone Circaetus gallicus nella pianura Veneta Orientale [Summering of a Short-toed […]


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