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Returning of Short-toed Eagle to Poland

Apr 29, 2013 / Comment
Migration birds of prey from Lublin region

After 153 days of silence GSM transmitter of the adult Short-toed Eagle female tagged in Poland in 2012 started working again in Africa on March 1st. So, Polish ornithologists could mark her spring migration route receiving coordinates of her location each hour. The route was different from the autumn one: the bird visited Greece and Ukraine where she was travelling during almost 3 weeks, maybe because of the bad weather conditions, but finally she achieved the old breeding territory in Poland /map/. Her partner was observed there on April 17th with caught snake in his beak. The female joined him 2 days later.

You can find more information about the project on the Lublin Ornithology Society website and you can see detailed descriptions of the Short-toed Eagle’s adventures on the LTO page in Facebook (Pl). Also please view the migration map:

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Some data on their arrival at Ukraine

Apr 6, 2009 / Comment
Short-toed Eagle's Festoon flight in pictures

Some data on spring arrival of Short-toed Eagles to Ukraine is available now on the map. The first dates are: 28th and 29th (in display flight) of March – observations of Sergey Domashevsky in Mizhrichynskyi Regional Landscape Park /map/ (Chernihiv Region); 4th of April – observations of Konstantin Pismennyi (Kiev Region /map/, in display flight), Maxim Gavrilyuk and Nikolay Borisenko (Cherkasy Region). Also you can see the comparative data of the records in Bulgaria – observations of Dimitar Ragyov near Plovdiv.

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Short-toed Eagles’ arrival at Italy in 2009

Mar 23, 2009 / Comment

Places of the first observations. Map by data of Francesco Petretti
The first Short-toed Eagles in Italy were observed on the 26th and 27th of February in Tuscany. Most pairs are now displaying in my Maremma – Tolfa hills study area /map/. A pair of Short-toed Eagle has been breeding in one nesting territory for 37 years (since 1973) and all the territories I checked which were occupied in 2008 have one pair starting to display.

On the 15th of March I joined a group of hundreds of birdwatchers and ornithologists spotting Short-toed Eagles migrating over Arenzano (Genua, Liguria) in North-West Italy: more than 250 specimens were observed on Sunday. A flock consisted of 20 birds.

Il Biancone (Circaetus gallicus) in Maremma. Video by Vincenzo Rizzo Pinna

This is a new video by Vincenzo Rizzo Pinna made already in spring of 2009. Thanks to Vincenzo for the link!


Short-toed Eagles’ arrival at France in 2009

Mar 19, 2009 / 2 Comments

This is a picture with dates of the first meetings and numbers of registered Short-toed Eagles for different regions of France. The information was received through French Circaetus network, was treated by Bernard Joubert and can still be complemented. You can also see a map of Short-toed Eagles’ arrival at France in 2009 year (just click on the blue markers for details):

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Biotopes. Provence (France)

Mar 16, 2008 / Comment

Contributor: Richard Frèze.
Country: France. Region: Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.
Departement: Bouches-du-Rhône.

Please take a look at the map of main survey area /map/. General description and photos can be viewed below:

A small population of Short-toed Eagles, of about 10/12 pairs, is studied since 2002. They live on the hills located at the east of the town of Marseilles in the area of “Basse Provence”.
The zone occupies an area of approximately 900 km2 but because of strong human activities only a part is favorable to be settled by the birds. Great a difference between hunting and nesting territories can’t be noticed for the region.
The vegetation is made up primarily by scrubland with Kermes Oak (Quercus coccifera) and pine forests with Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis) mainly.

The majority of the nests are located on slopes exposed to south/south-east and are built on side branches of Aleppo Pines.

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