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Changeable appearance of Short-toed Eagles in pictures

Feb 21, 2019 / Comment

JOUBERT B. Changing Gallicus. 2009-2016. Haute-LoirePlease look through the series of photos of Short-toed Eagles taken by Bernard Joubert in Haute-Loire /map/ in the past few years, showing the impressive variability of their appearance:

Snake eagle is one of the most elegant raptors in Europe. When observed at close range, one is amazed by the way it can change looks and attitudes. This can clearly be seen in these pictures taken in France (Massif central) in 2009, 2012 and 2016.

Bernard Joubert


Max Montaina’s photo album

Jan 29, 2006 / Comment
Short-toed Eagle. Montaina's photos

One of photo albums of wildlife photographer Max Montaina. This work is dedicated to the adult and immature Short-toed Eagles. They are photographed on the ground at a short distance. Resolution of the photos is about 800×600 px.



Jan 5, 2006 / Comment
Short-toed Eagle. TrekNature search results for Circaetus gallicus

The TrekNature gallery contains photos (800×600 px) of Short-toed Eagles from different countries and many comments on them in different languages. All photos are divided on the geographic basis. See also: close-up and flying from results of the search for «eagle».