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Section of the LPO website dedicated to ST Eagle

Dec 22, 2013 / Comment

Circaète - LPO Mission rapacesJust a few words about a section of the LPO (Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux) Mission rapaces website. The section is dedicated to Short-toed Eagle and consists of the following subsections:

› Actualitésnews, also you can subscribe to the feeds;

› Le Circaètegeneral info about Short-toed Eagle in France;

› Suivi et conservationmonitoring and conservation;

› Sensibilisationsources of detailed information;

› Les acteurs locauxlocal stakeholders in a map.

Now the section is updated regularly. Please subscribe to the news via RSS to be notified about news.


Le Circaète en Basse Provence. Richard Frèze’s website

Oct 7, 2009 / Comment
Short-toed Eagle. Le Circaète en Basse Provencee
This little website about Short-toed Eagles in Provence /map/ contains different information (Fr):
› general points on Circaetus gallicus;
› information on the area I study and on habits of birds in our country;
› data on reproduction from 2002 to 2009 of all the pairs studies, › some statistical data, › some photos, › some studies results or anecdotes and › different links to other websites.

All the subsections are being updated along the year. In fact the main aim of the site is to present data on the Short-toed Eagles of the south of France where they do not have been study until now.


Circa33 is updated

Sep 21, 2008 / Comment
Short-toed Eagle. Circaète Jean-le-blanc (Circaetus gallicus) en Gironde

Circa33 des Circaètes en GirondeYves Forget’s website about Short-toed Eagles of Gironde /map/, is updated now. New photos by the site author, by Françoise Gérardin and other observers are added and can be viewed right on the front page. If you want to know who made the photo you are viewing, you should just right click on it.


Yves Boudoint’s site

Nov 12, 2007 / Comment
Front page: Le Circaète Jean-le-Blanc. Documentation par Yves BOUDOINT

New personal site of famous French researcher, Yves Boudoint /map/, has been created. Among the sections there are many different photos of Short-toed Eagles, old and relatively new texts (Fr) and presentations of materials on CD and DVD dedicated to the birds. The site’s content tells its own story.


New section about Sameh’s study

Apr 16, 2007 / 2 Comments
Sameh's contact information

Just a few words about a section dedicated to the subject of Sameh’s research “Agricultural influences on the ecology of the Short-toed Eagle (Circaetus gallicus) in the Judean slopes” /map/ on The Jerusalem Bird Observatory website.

The section, which can be rated as an independent site, includes such subsections as Gallery, Team, Research, Transmitters & Migration, About me and so on. You can find there notes and many photos illustrating the study development.


Circa33 Website

Dec 17, 2005 / Comment
Short-toed Eagle. Circaète Jean-le-blanc (Circaetus gallicus) en Gironde

Website about Short-toed Eagles in Gironde (France) /map/ contains different information (Fr): observations on the habits of adult birds and “circaètons”, some statistics data, photos etc. The subsections are being updated yearly. This site is filled with the original materials only.


Links to other websites completely dedicated to Short-toed Eagle