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Merged data on photographing Short-toed Eagles

Mar 31, 2019 / Comment

Askar Isabekov has merged data from different birdwatching websites on the Birds of Northern Eurasia portal. This database allows to monitor appearing new pictures and observations of various bird species in several countries of Northern Eurasia, including Short-toed Eagles. At least 3 out of currently 12 regional sites were mentioned on HoverOverUs before.

Records at the species range boundaries

Aug 31, 2018 / Comment

Several records of Short-toed Snake Eagle at the boundaries of the species range were reported this summer. Local birders informed about observation of an eagle again in the United Kingdom, at Ashdown Forest /map/ in East Sussex: it was seen several times since June 21st. Unfortunately, the age of that bird has remained unknown. Four […]

Data on Short-toed Eagle in new birding DBs

Oct 28, 2015 / Comment

The new birding database has been created this year for collecting pictures, geographical locations and other data of observations from Ukrainian birdwatchers. Among information on other species, it contains details of new records of Short-toed Eagles in various regions of Ukraine. The site has been made by Askar Isabekov and Andrew Simon as an analog […]

Birds of Kazakhstan

Nov 3, 2006 / 3 Comments

Photos (1024×768 px) of Circaetus gallicus heptneri (© Askar Isabekov) and some information (En) on the traits of Short-toed Eagle population in Kazakstan. Also see the page dedicated to the nominal subspecies. The site has bilingual content now.


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