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Short-toed Eagle research projects in Croatia

Sep 30, 2018 / Comment

The following paper by Ivan Budinski established principles of the local Short-toed Eagle population monitoring program in Croatia: • Ivan BUDINSKI, 2014 – Nacionalni program za monitoring zmijara (Circaetus gallicus) [National monitoring program for Short-toed Eagle] // Udruga BIOM. Zagreb: 10 p. – (Hr). The author is one of Croatian researchers involved in the project […]

GPS-GSM tracking of Short-toed Eagle in Croatia

Feb 11, 2018 / Comment

The first results of juvenile Short-toed Eagle tracking from the Telašćica Nature Park /map/ in Croatia are represented in the recent paper: • Sven KAPELJ, Ivan BUDINSKI, Mate ZEC, Ivan KATANOVIĆ, Ivana ŠARIĆ, Iva ŠOŠTARIĆ, 2017 – The first results of GPS tracking of the Short-toed Eagle Circaetus gallicus in Croatia // Larus, Vol. 52, […]

Texts by Authors G-N

Dec 31, 2010 / Comment

Authors O-Z »N↓M↓L↓K↓J↓I↓H↓G↓« A-F GALUSHIN V. 1959 – Some data on the Short-toed Eagle breeding in Ryazan’ Region (Ru) {post}; GALUSHIN V. 1980 – Raptors of Forest. Short-toed Eagle (Ru) {post}; GAVRILENKO N. 1929 – The birds of the Government of Poltava. Short-toed Eagle (Ru) {post}; – GÉE LH. 1989 – Stay of a Short-toed […]


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