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Articles about Short-toed Eagle in Strepet journal

May 31, 2011 / Comment

Thanks to the editor of Strepet journal, Viktor Belik, we can bring your attention to 2 detailed articles dedicated to Short-toed Eagles in Turkmenistan and in the North Caucasus which are published in the latest issue of the journal: • В. П. Белик, 2010 – Змееяд на Северном Кавказе [Short-toed Eagle in the North Caucasus] […]

ROJ articles: STE in the North Caucasus & Kyrgyzstan

Nov 27, 2016 / Comment

Two more texts dedicated to Short-toed Eagles were published in Russian Ornithological Journal (Русский орнитологический журнал) (Ru): • М. П. Ильюх, 2014 – Змееяд Circaetus gallicus в Предкавказье [Short-toed Eagle in the North Caucasus] // Русский орнитологический журнал, Том 23, Экспресс-выпуск 1056: 3113-3115. The first publication: Ильюх М.П., 2001 – Змееяд в Предкавказье // Актуальные […]


Sep 30, 2012 / Comments Off on EFIMENKO N. 2010

Змееяд в Туркменистане: распространение, гнездовая экология, современная численность и охрана Н.Н. Ефименко Копетдагский государственный заповедник Short-toed Eagle in Turkmenistan: distribution, breeding ecology, current numbers and conservation. – Efimenko N.N. – The Short-toed Eagle in Turkmenistan is a rare breeding migratory bird of desert (altitude of 100-250 m) and mountain (altitude of 300-2000 m) ecosystems. […]

BELIK V. 2010

Sep 30, 2012 / Comments Off on BELIK V. 2010

Змееяд на Северном Кавказе В.П. Белик Педагогический институт Южного федерального университета Short-toed Eagle in the North Caucasus. – Belik V.P. – The Short-toed Eagle occupies mainly the forest-steppe of the Cis-Caucasus (the Stavropol plateau and Caucasus Mineral Waters area), as well as dry foothills in the Western Caucasus (Novorossiisk area), Central Caucasus (between the […]

Texts by Authors A-F

Dec 31, 2010 / Comment

Authors G-N »F↓E↓D↓C↓B↓A↓« Authors O-Z – ABEL J. 2009 – Short-toed Eagle (Circaetus gallicus) in Burgundy (Fr) {post}; ABULADZE A. 2006 – Raptors of Georgia. Short-toed Eagle (Circaetus gallicus) (Ru) {post}; ABULADZE A. 2013 – Birds of Prey of Georgia. Short-toed Eagle Circaetus gallicus Gmelin, 1788 (En) {post}; – ACUÑA RODRÍQUEZ A, MARTINEZ-FREIRÍA F, VELO-ANTÓN […]

Viktor Belik: Short-toed Eagle on Abrau Peninsula

Dec 18, 2010 / Comment

The following note of Viktor Belik is published in the 8th volume of the «Strepet» ornithological journal: • Виктор Белик, 2010 – Гнездование змееяда на Абрауском полуострове (Краснодарский край) [Breeding of the Short-toed Eagle on Abrau Peninsula (Krasnodar Krai)] // Стрепет. Т.8 − Вып. 1 − С. 125–127 (Ru) /map/.

Viktor Belik’s article on behaviour of Short-toed Eagle

Mar 31, 2010 / 1 Comment

A new article on Short-toed Eagles’ demonstrative and hunting behaviour is presented here by kind consent of the author – Viktor Belik. The article is planed to be published in next issue of the Strepet ornithological journal. This is a generalized result of 40 years’ field observations. • Виктор Белик, 2009 – Особенности демонстративного и […]


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