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The Bibliography section on – website of Guido Premuda – is refreshed with one more article on migration of Short-toed Eagle:

• BAGHINO L. & PREMUDA G., 2007 – Nuovi dati sulla migrazione primaverile “a circuito” del biancone Circaetus gallicus in Italia [New data on the “circuitous” spring migration of the Short-toed Eagle in Italy] // Avocetta, 31: 70-72. – Short-toed Eagle. file (It). Also:

• LUCIANO RUGGIERI, GUIDO PREMUDA, LUCA BAGHINO, LUCA GIRAUDO, 2006 – Esperienza di monitoraggio su vasta scala della migrazione autunnale del Biancone Circaetus gallicus in Italia e nel Mediterraneo centrale // Avocetta, 30: 76-80. – mentioned before, is available there.

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