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Short-toed Eagles’ places in Kiev Region

Aug 24, 2007 / Comment

This is just a little excursion through Short-toed Eagles’ nesting zones, hunting territories and other places and things, connected with them somehow in Kiev Region (central Ukraine) /map/. We would like to invite you to feel Short-toed Eagles’ world through these images.

Short-toed Eagle in the Kiev Zoo

Sep 26, 2006 / Comment

Here you can look through some images of the captured female about 7 years old. The photos (© Sergey Sidorov) were made in the Kiev Zoo:

Photos from Kiev Region

Aug 5, 2006 / Comment

See photos (© Sergey Domashevsky) made while ringing a young Short-toed Eagle in nest in Kiev Region (Central Ukraine) /map/ on July 27th:

Short-toed Eagles of Kiev Region

Dec 16, 2005 / Comment

Sergey Domashevsky’s article about Short-toed Eagle population of Kiev Region (Ukraine) /map/: • С. В. Домашевский, 2005 – Распространение, численность и миграции змееяда (Circaetus gallicus) в Киевской области [Distribution, numbers and migrations of the Short-toed Eagle in Kiev Region] // Заповідна справа в Україні, 11 (1): 45-49. (Ru). Its summary (En) and illustrations: Some photos […]

La Plume du Circaète, March 2018

May 9, 2018 / Comments Off on La Plume du Circaète, March 2018

n° 16-17 – mars 2018 L’essentiel est dans les détails… Brèves Un circaète coincé dans un grillage Un circaète ensorcelé Enquête dérangement Interaction avec les grands-corbeaux Prédation d’un triton Sauvetage de jeunes Une question d’équilibre Suivi/Concervation Préservation d’un site de reproduc- tion en foret de Bouconne Chronomètre: un outil d’observation? Taux de réussite International Le […]


Mar 2, 2018 / Comment

The Short-toed Snake Eagle in Northern Ukraine, the population state and outlook, observations of certain pairs and individuals Contents: Population ↓ Reproduction ↓ Individual identification ↓ Individual behaviour variation ↓ Partner replacement ↓ Relation with territory ↓ Instead of conclusion ↓ Acknowledgements ↓ Konstantin PISMENNYI Ukrainian Birds of Prey Research Centre POPULATION According to the […]

Short-toed Eagles in Northern Ukraine. Photos of 2016

Jan 31, 2017 / Comment

Here is the next annual gallery of pictures taken in Kiev, Chernihiv and Sumy Regions of Northern Ukraine in 2016. Short-toed Eagles of local pairs monitored during more than 10 years are captured in them. All the birds are indicated in captions by a letter and a year of the first representation in photo galleries […]


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