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Smolenskoe Poozerje. New photos

Jan 29, 2011 / Comment

These photos were taken in the national park "Smolenskoe Poozerje" /map/ by Marina Sidenko in 2009-2010 years. Two Short-toed Eagles’ nests were found there at the same nesting site. Many thanks to Marina for the comments on every picture!

Texts by Authors O-Z

Dec 31, 2010 / Comment

A-F »Z↓W XY↓V↓T↓US↓R↓QP↓O« G-N – PANDE S, YOSEF R, MORELLI F, PAWAR R, MONE R. 2018 – Diet and habitat affinities in six raptor species in India (En) {post}; – PANUCCIO M, AGOSTINI N, BAGHINO L, BOGLIANI G. 2013 – Visible Migration of Short-Toed Snake-Eagles: Interplay of Weather and Topographical Features (En) {post}; – PANUCCIO […]

Various Images

Jan 3, 2010 / Comment

All our galleries are collected here. They are sorted by author and year, named after regions, and listed with links to the corresponding posts: BELIK V. 2008 Volgograd Region. Russia {post}; BESKARAVAYNYI M. 2013 Crimean Peninsula. Ukraine {post}; BLASCO-ZUMETA J. 2006 Retuerta de Pina. Spain {post}; DARAWSHI S. 2006 Judean Slopes. Israel {post}; DOMASHEVSKY S. […]


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