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Oriental Bird Club Image Database

Apr 16, 2006 / Comment
Short-toed Eagle. OBI search results for Circaetus gallicus

Here you can find the search results for photos of Short-toed Eagle in the Oriental Bird Club Image Database. At this moment there are 23 photos there, no thumbnails, but you can view them all one by one, just clicking on the “next“. In other respects this gallery has an assortment of the traditional information: author, place, equipment etc. The images sizes are up to 600 px. compilation

Feb 12, 2006 / Comment
Short-toed Eagle. compilation

Presentation of complete information on Short-toed Eagle located on the Have a look at photos from some photographers and read one more generic description (Fr) of the species and presentation of Bernard Joubert‘s book. Also we would like to direct your attention to a part of the Histoire naturelle des oiseaux (Fr) dedicated to Short-toed Eagle (in the form of scans) and to the photos selection particularly.