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Short-toed Eagle in Province of Piacenza

Feb 28, 2011 / Comment
Integrated project Trebbia

Results of Angelo Battaglia‘s observations on Short-toed Eagles in Province of Piacenza /map/ during period of 12 years, from 1990 to 2001, is available on the Download Area section of the «Trebbia» integrated project’s website:

• Angelo Battaglia, 2002 – Aquile – L’Aquila Reale e di Biancone in provincia di Piacenza – Provincia di Piacenza, Assessorato Alla Caccia [Short-toed Eagle in Province of Piacenza] – 64 p.; Sezione del volume dedicato al BIANCONE (Circaetus gallicus) – Short-toed Eagle. file (It).

Unfortunately photos of Short-toed Eagles are not in high resolution.