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Video of hunting Short-toed Eagles by Ron Milgalter

Aug 28, 2013 / Comment

The phenomenon of Short-toed Eagles’ hunting aggregations was studied by Sameh Darawshi since 2005. Yesterday Ron Milgalter took these video clips of about 30 Short-toed Eagles together, which hunt fleeing small mammals and reptiles above an agricultural patch while the tractor was ploughing the field /map/.

La Plume du Circaète, April 2017

Apr 30, 2017 / Comments Off on La Plume du Circaète, April 2017

n°13-14-15 4 années de suivi sur 30 km2 dans l’Aveyron 2 Suivi d’une population sur un secteur d’Ariège 5 Suivi dans la région de Marseille 8 Etude d’une reproduction à l’aide d’un piège-photo 10 Suivi, étude et protection dans les Alpes de Haute-Provence 16 Le circaète dans la gestion forestière 18 Trois comportements (changement de […]

Various Videos

Apr 21, 2007 / Comment

Some video files which can be downloaded or watched here: Jean-le-Blanc au pays des sorcières, 28 minutes – 683 MB, by Françoise Gérardin, 2003; with subtitles (Fr): or ; Flocking Short-toed Eagles with a tractor, 13 MB, by Sameh Darawshi, 2006; Short-toed Eagle chasing a rodent, 5 MB, by Ron Milgalter, 2006; Short-toed Eagle catching […]

Short videos. Aggregation and rodents

Jan 20, 2007 / 2 Comments

Part with aggregation: You can see here the special phenomenon in my study area /map/, where many Short-toed Eagles flying over one field (aggregation) that is being worked up by a tractor, waiting for the prey (mainly rodents!) to be exposed by the tractor so that they dive quickly on the prey. Part with Short-toed […]


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