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Short videos. Aggregation and rodents

Flocking Short-toed Eagles with tractor. Video by Sameh Darawshi

Part with aggregation: You can see here the special phenomenon in my study area /map/, where many Short-toed Eagles flying over one field (aggregation) that is being worked up by a tractor, waiting for the prey (mainly rodents!) to be exposed by the tractor so that they dive quickly on the prey.

Short-toed Eagle chasing a rodent. Video by Ron Milgalter

Part with Short-toed eagle chasing a rodent: You can see here a Short-toed Eagle chasing a rodent (Gerbil) that has succeeded to get out of a ploughing, and after a relatively long pursuit the Eagle managed to get it.

Short-toed Eagle catching a rodent. Video by Sameh Darawshi

Catching a rodent: here you can see another part where Short-toed Eagle gets a Field Vole in his talons (you can even hear the rodent screaming).

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2 Responses to “Short videos. Aggregation and rodents”

  1. Konstantin says:

    I think these short films demonstrate much higher adaptability of Short-toed Eagles than it’s generally assumed, and accordingly their greater potentiality for the survival. Good news! Thanks, Sameh!

  2. Yves says:

    Very interesting videos !
    They show me some aspects of Circaetus behaviour that I had never heard about.

    We can see that if the Circaetus is an excelent “glider” in the sky, he is also agile near the ground.

    For the phenomenon of “aggregation” I had already seen it with Milvus migrans, but never with Circaetus !

    Congratulations, and hope we will see other interesting videos this year !

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