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Biancone Day reports on

The Biancone Day reports

Liguria is a region of north-western Italy /map/. The chronicle of the Biancone Days including the Biancone Day 2009 report (It) can be found on the website. Number of observed Short-toed Eagles is recorded in tables on the report pages. And here view please some photos of Short-toed Eagle.

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  1. I attended the census of migrating Short Toed Eagles in Arenzano, Genua and I was delighted by the amazing number of eagles (I counted 200 individuals in few hours) and people watching birds with telescopes and binoculars. Arenzano is a small town close to the Sea and lies nearby Beigua Regional Park, a pleasant mountain district with conifer and oak woodland, garigue and maquis and fast flowing streams.

    The migration of Short toed Eagles has been always important here and in the past the birds were shot, now they are carefully observed and protected. The main question to answer is still: were are the eagles going? The great majority probably settles to nest in North Western Italy (Liguria, Emilia Romagna, North Tuscany), but the number is so big that I expect some specimens to belong to the population breeding in Eastern Alps and probably also in Central Italy. Next July I am going to radio track with satellite radiotags my Maremma eagles in order to know if the fly northwards to Liguria or southwards to Sicily to reach the wintering grounds in Africa.

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