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Biotopes. Southern and Central Belarus

Contributor: Valery Dombrovski.
Country: Belarus. Region: Southern and central parts.
Short-toed Eagle. Biotopes. Photo 1
Hayfields on dried up valley bogs are one of the main hunting biotopes for agricultural lands in Polesie and for some places in Central Belarus. In this case – in the West Berezina River floodplain. Usually there is high number of Natrix natrix and almost full absence of Vipera berus in such places. The forest is very multivarious: has areas of pine, alder, oak, spruce, aspen etc.; some of those areas are very boggy.
Short-toed Eagle density: c. 1.3 pairs/100 km2. Open the map.
Short-toed Eagle. Biotopes. Photo 2
Northern part of the Olmany Swamps. This is a complex of raised, intermediate and valley bogs covering about 1000 km2 of area. Formerly one of the key places for Short-toed Eagle in Polesie, but their number had dramatically decreased after natural disasters of 2002-2003. There are upland pine-birch forests around the swamps and small pine islands are situated in the central part of them. But Short-toed Eagles prefer larger forestlands for the nesting. Vipera berus dominates among relatively big reptiles, Natrix natrix inhabits only the swamps’ outskirts, Coronella austriaca is few in number.
Short-toed Eagle density: c. 4 pairs/100 km2. Open the map.

Short-toed Eagle. Biotopes. Photo 3
Overgrowing boggy old agricultural lands inside the Chernobyl 30 Kilometer Zone of Alienation. It is possible to observe up to 6 hunting Short-toed Eagles over one field at the same time. Near forestland is partially slumpy. Tree species: oak, alder, birch, pine, last one is rather rare. Although there are young pine forests in the neighbourhood of other abandoned lands in the Zone and nevertheless Short-toed Eagles are usually observed there.
Short-toed Eagle density: c. 2 pairs/100 km2. Open the map.
Short-toed Eagle. Biotopes. Photo 4
Slumpy flooding grasslands belong to hunting biotopes prefered by Short-toed Eagles in the Pripyat River floodplane. Pine forests are completely absent, but alder ones dominate. Oak and hornbeam are typical for higher places. Natrix natrix and Anguis fragilis are very numerous, Vipera berus is rarer. This is one of the most abundant landscapes of Belarus with high number of practically all groups of animals.
Short-toed Eagle density: c. 1.7 pairs/100 km2. Open the map.

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