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Biotopes. Southern and Central Belarus

Dec 19, 2008 / Comment
Contributor: Valery Dombrovski.
Country: Belarus. Region: Southern and central parts.
Short-toed Eagle. Biotopes. Photo 1
Hayfields on dried up valley bogs are one of the main hunting biotopes for agricultural lands in Polesie and for some places in Central Belarus. In this case – in the West Berezina River floodplain. Usually there is high number of Natrix natrix and almost full absence of Vipera berus in such places. The forest is very multivarious: has areas of pine, alder, oak, spruce, aspen etc.; some of those areas are very boggy.
Short-toed Eagle density: c. 1.3 pairs/100 km2. Open the map.
Short-toed Eagle. Biotopes. Photo 2
Northern part of the Olmany Swamps. This is a complex of raised, intermediate and valley bogs covering about 1000 km2 of area. Formerly one of the key places for Short-toed Eagle in Polesie, but their number had dramatically decreased after natural disasters of 2002-2003. There are upland pine-birch forests around the swamps and small pine islands are situated in the central part of them. But Short-toed Eagles prefer larger forestlands for the nesting. Vipera berus dominates among relatively big reptiles, Natrix natrix inhabits only the swamps’ outskirts, Coronella austriaca is few in number.
Short-toed Eagle density: c. 4 pairs/100 km2. Open the map.

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