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Let us invite you to take part in common collection of short descriptions of Short-toed Eagles biotopes in different regions. This idea belongs to Bernard Joubert. The project aims to describe the whole area of the species distribution. It should be something like collection of photos of typical for Short-toed Eagles hunting and breeding territories with short notes about the authors, their comments, which will be connected with a map. The test version of it can be viewed here. Please, if you have some propositions, we would be glad to discuss; or as a comment to this post.

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  1. Konstantin says:


    There is already a post with the first biotopes description on the site! Also another map has been created specially for ‘Biotopes’ Category. Hopefully soon I will put one more series of photos from Kiev Region after model of ‘Biotopes. Provence (France)’.

    This is absolutely right that you make a comment in French! Comments should be in any language at the author’s option.

  2. Joubert Bernard says:

    Bonjour Konstantin,

    C’est juste un essai.

    Ce printemps, je vais photographier certains de mes sites pour commencer à alimenter le volet “biotopes” de HoverOverUs • Short-toed-Eagle.


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