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Photos of 2008 by Françoise Gérardin

Jan 7, 2009 / Comment

All photos of young Short-toed Eagles right after leaving the nests were taken by Françoise Gérardin in Gironde /map/ in 2008:

Short-toed Eagle. Françoise Gérardin. 2008


Circa33 is updated

Sep 21, 2008 / Comment
Short-toed Eagle. Circaète Jean-le-blanc (Circaetus gallicus) en Gironde

Circa33 des Circaètes en GirondeYves Forget’s website about Short-toed Eagles of Gironde /map/, is updated now. New photos by the site author, by Françoise Gérardin and other observers are added and can be viewed right on the front page. If you want to know who made the photo you are viewing, you should just right click on it.


Photos from Gironde

Dec 8, 2007 / 1 Comment

See please photos of Short-toed Eagles made in August, 2007 in Gironde (France) /map/. These scenes of Short-toed Eagles’ life are kind contribution of Françoise Gérardin:

Short-toed Eagle. Françoise Gérardin. 2007


Françoise Gérardin’s film, 2003

Apr 28, 2007 / 1 Comment

For the first time we present such weighty material as a 28 minutes film on the site. The video was made by Françoise Gérardin in Gironde /map/ in August, 2003 by digital video-camera from the special hiding-place at a distance of 23 metres from rather low situated Short-toed Eagle’s nest. Please read the introduction (En) written by the film’s author. Some single frames of the film are presented below.

Short-toed Eagle. Françoise Gérardin. 2003

Besides, you can download the video (.avi) file and subtitles (Fr):
Jean-le-Blanc au pays des sorcières. The subtitles (heartfelt thanks to Yves) can be used for the machine translation, if you need it.

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Stuff received from Françoise Gérardin