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Françoise Gérardin’s film, 2003

For the first time we present such weighty material as a 28 minutes film on the site. The video was made by Françoise Gérardin in Gironde /map/ in August, 2003 by digital video-camera from the special hiding-place at a distance of 23 metres from rather low situated Short-toed Eagle’s nest. Please read the introduction (En) written by the film’s author. Some single frames of the film are presented below.

Short-toed Eagle. Françoise Gérardin. 2003

Besides, you can download the video (.avi) file and subtitles (Fr):
Jean-le-Blanc au pays des sorcières. The subtitles (heartfelt thanks to Yves) can be used for the machine translation, if you need it.

Introduction to the film “Jean-le-Blanc au pays des sorcières”

This film was made in Gironde in France (near Bordeaux) in august 2003 during a scorching summer, in a “Pinus pinaster” forest. This tree is grown for industry. It was filmed in a very little hiding made of branches and ferns, twenty three meters from the tree where the nest was, nine meters from the ground. There I spent about eighty hours, that is to say four to six hours a day. The young short-toed eagle had just started flying and was fed on the nest until his departure for Africa at the end of September. In this great and moving experience I always try to be as discreet as possible and I’m grateful for those magic hours.

Françoise Gérardin

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