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Meeting in Roquefixade (France), a brief review

Oct 30, 2016 / Comment
Roquefixade: a lot of sites for Short-toed Snake EaglesParticipants of the 4th Circaetus meeting

After Langeac (2004), Nadaillac (2008), and Florac (2012) the 4th Circaetus meeting took place in Roquefixade (the Ariège Department), on October 8th and 9th, 2016. Forty naturalists involved in the monitoring of the species, found themselves there at the invitation of Nature Midi-Pyrénées and LPO Mission Rapaces, to share their experience of the studies. The total number of the meeting participants was about fifty. The program illustrated the diversity of birders’ approaches within their means and goals.

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Short-toed Eagles near Marseille

Aug 23, 2008 / Comment
Photo 1 – Site de nidification, vue de l’ouest

This text about nesting Short-toed Eagles in the environs of Marseille as an example of the species adaptation to urbanization is offered by Richard Frèze:

• Richard Frèze, 2008 – Un Circaète aux portes de Marseille [Short-toed Eagle near Marseille] (Fr). Also you have a possibility to open a PDF Short-toed Eagle. file {rough translation} of the article, to view /map//map/ and photos.