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Short-toed Eagles and wind farms in Spain

Jan 8, 2014 / Comment

Wind farms fields in Spain and a Short-toed Eagle on a perchThe study had been conducted in a region of Gibraltar /map/ in 2009-2012. Antonio-Román Muñoz presented some results at the Conference on Wind Power and Environmental Impacts Stockholm 5-7 Feb 2013. Also you can get general ideas about the main research directions of the group of Spanish biologists:

Beatriz YÁÑEZ, Antonio-Román MUÑOZ, Beatriz MARTIN, Manuela DE LUCAS, Bert TOXOPEUS & Miguel FERRER, 2013 – Effects of wind farms on local and migratory populations of Short-toed Eagle Circaetus gallicusShort-toed Eagle. file (En) – presentation, 31 pages.

The presentation is available on a website of The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, as well as abstracts of the conferenceAbstracts. file (En).


New article on Short-toed Eagle diet in Spain

Sep 28, 2013 / Comment

Please pay attention to bibliographical information and the Spanish summary of the following article written by Beatriz Yáñez and others. It concerns presence of Invertebrates in diet of Short-toed Eagle in the Gibraltar region /map/:

Beatriz Yáñez, Antonio-Román Muñoz, Miguel Ferrer, 2013 – Invertebrates as Prey of Short-toed Snake-Eagles (Circaetus gallicus) // Journal of Raptor Research, 47(3): P. 320-323.


Mobbing of Short-toed Eagles by gulls over Gibraltar

Apr 30, 2012 / Comment

This paper was published in 2008. It’s dedicated to relationships between migrating Short-toed Eagles and local Yellow-legged Gulls in the region of Gibraltar /map/.

The LPO Mission Rapaces website

• Mosquera M., 2008 – Mobbing of migrant Short-toed Eagles Circaetus gallicus by Yellow-legged Gulls Larus michahellis during their northbound passage over Gibraltar // Gibraltar Bird Report, 7: 51-54. – Short-toed Eagle. file (En).


Short-toed Eagles over sea

Apr 13, 2008 / Comment
YouTube - Aguila Culebrera (Ave Migratoria)

Different videos of Short-toed Eagle are being uploaded to YouTube permanently. We told before about this resource and also we used it to insert videos into the site. As an example of the new accessions you can view this one. Watch please flying Short-toed Eagles on the background of the sea and see in detail their flight not for the hunt. Los Alcornocales Natural Park /map/.


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