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Papers about Spanish Short-toed Eagles

Nov 20, 2010 / Comment

This paper is available now on a section of Publications in scientific journals of the University of Granada website:

• Gil-Sánchez J.M., Pleguezuelos J.M., 2001 – Prey and prey-size selection by the Short-toed eagle (Circaetus gallicus) during the breeding season in Granada (south-eastern Spain) // Journal of Zoology (Lond.), 255 (1): 131-137. – Short-toed Eagle. file (En) /map/.

…and an abstract of next one is placed on a website of Ardea – the official scientific journal of the Netherlands Ornithologists’ Union:

Pavón D., Limiñana R., Urios V., Izquierdo A., Yáñez B., Ferrer M. & de la Vega A., 2010 – Autumn migration of juvenile Short-toed Eagles Circaetus gallicus from southeastern Spain // Ardea, 98 (1). P. 113–117. (En) /map/.


Short-toed Eagle in south-eastern Spain

Jun 11, 2007 / 1 Comment

Please view an article about factors affecting distribution of Short-toed Eagle in south-eastern Spain /map/ (source – Annales Zoologici Fennici Journal):

• G. Moreno-Rueda, M. Pizarro, 2007 – Snake species richness and shrubland correlate with the short-toed eagle (Circaetus gallicus) distribution in south-eastern Spain // Ann. Zool. Fennici 44: in press. – Short-toed Eagle. file (En).