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La Plume du Circaète n° 11 is out

Mar 12, 2015 / Comment
La Plume du Circaète on the LPO website

The long-awaited next issue of the bulletin La Plume du Circaète has come out – Short-toed Eagle. file (Fr) {rough translation} at long last!

The list of contents (Fr):

Suivi et conservation 2 »

Parc national des Cévennes: protection et nidification 2; Suivi dans les Alpes 4; Le circaète dans l’Aude 5; 12 ans de suivi en Isère 6; Exigences écologiques 7; Oiseaux et lignes éléctriques 11

Etude des comportements 12 »

Gestion des conflits 12; Que font-ils au nid ? 13

International 14 »

Reproduction en Israël 14; Feeding ecology 15

Yves BOUDOINT () 16 »


Yves Boudoint’s site

Nov 12, 2007 / Comment
Front page: Le Circaète Jean-le-Blanc. Documentation par Yves BOUDOINT

New personal site of famous French researcher, Yves Boudoint /map/, has been created. Among the sections there are many different photos of Short-toed Eagles, old and relatively new texts (Fr) and presentations of materials on CD and DVD dedicated to the birds. The site’s content tells its own story.


Text of Yves Boudoint

Feb 4, 2007 / Comment

One of works of the oldest Short-toed Eagles researcher in France – Yves Boudoint /map/ – is represented below. This text describes some interesting details of biology of the species and includes notes on some traditional and untraditional methods of study:

• Yves Boudoint, 1953 – Etude de la biologie du Circaète Jean-le-Blanc [Study of the Short-toed Eagle biology] // Alauda, 21 : 86-112. (Fr).


Old texts of Zebe and Gavrilenko

Sep 25, 2006 / Comment

This is the presentation of two old texts of the first part of the XX century. One of them was written by Viktor Zebe:

• Viktor Zebe, Oktober 1936 – Zur biologie des Schlangenadlers [Biology of the Short-toed Eagle] – Berichte des Vereins Schlesicher Ornithologen /map/. Just read the translation of it (Fr) from German made by one of the greatest adepts in Short-toed Eagles in France – Yves Boudoint.

The second is Nikolay Gavrilenko‘s work, that is mentioned in the first one:

• Гавриленко Н.И., 1929 – Птицы Полтавщины. Змееяд [The birds of the Government of Poltava. Short-toed Eagle] // Полтава: Издание Полтавского союза охотников: 28-30 (Ru) /map/.
Just download a scan of the part dedicated to all birds of prey on the Ukrainian Birds of Prey Research Centre website.


Materials of Yves Boudoint and information about him