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Colour-ringed Short-toed Eagle

Short-toed Eagle (CIRCAETUS GALLICUS) / by KING R. 2008

Date: 30th April 2008
Time: 18:50
Species: Short-toed Eagle
Location: Jews Gate Bird Observatory, Gibraltar
Rings: Two colour rings on left leg, Green over Red

Details: The bird was migrating north, seen arriving over the Straits of Gibraltar from Africa, then being mobbed by the resident pair of Ravens and many Yellow-legged Gulls. The bird passed low overhead before continuing northwards into Spain.

I’m interested to know when and where the bird was ringed and any further information you can supply.

Robert King

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  1. Konstantin says:

    The following information was received from Jean-Pierre MALAFOSSE via email:
    JP Malafosse's September 2007 young
    – the most probable is a bird ringed in September 2007 (photo), although there were 2 Short-toed Eagles with such colour rings combination among more than 300 Short-toed Eagles ringed in National Park des Cévennes.

    – quotation: “I have sent a message to Sameh Darawshi, who contacted me directly about the ringed bird, our researches and problems of the coordination of ringing programs. Thanks also for the European programs coordinating website, I didn’t know about it and I’m a bit angry that my program which is being coordinated by Paris wasn’t declared there. I will register and ask for explanations CRBPO (Centre de Recherche sur la Biologie des Populations d’Oiseaux – Centre for Research on the Biology of Bird Populations)

  2. Konstantin says:

    Sameh's P4Sameh's P4.

    also please take a look at the photos of the main claimant from Sameh Darawshi – Short-toed Eagle numbered P4 in 2006

  3. Konstantin says:

    –» is the URL of the site Sameh is talking about. Also some information on International cr-sites can be found there.

  4. sameh darawshi says:

    I havenot fully understood why some people do color ringing without declaring about that in CR-BIRDING website. That is a website for finding who deals with color rings, so if you find a bird with color ring you will know to who’m you give the report. Moreover, if me as a researcher wanted to have color rings for migratory bird then it is essential to know what other researchers are using, in order not to have the same colors or codes.

    Do you know about anybody using color rings?


  5. bernard JOUBERT says:

    JP Malafosse has news for you about this bird. He’ll join you as soon as he can.

  6. bernard JOUBERT says:

    I have asked to JP Malafosse (France) if this bird can not be one he ringed in the National Park des Cévennes.

  7. sameh darawshi says:

    Thanks for the photo. Very interesting. Seems to be perfect match with one of my birds, but we will wait to see if others are using such identical color scheme.

    Sameh Darawshi

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