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GREFA. Short-toed Eagles breed in captivity again

Último pollito de la temporada

This is short, but fresh news from GREFA. Old pair of Short-toed Eagles continues to breed in captivity this year in the GREFA Wild Fauna Recovery Centre. They do it regularly during several years, but there is no much information available about each breeding attempt yet.

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5 Responses to “GREFA. Short-toed Eagles breed in captivity again”

  1. Konstantin says:

    Dear Tatjana,
    Right now I’m ready to tell you how to feed a Short-toed Eagle in bad health to support it during some time, by my own experience. The diet is following:
    – 150-250 g of meat every day;
    – 1st day – fatless meat, beef, sizes of the pieces are about of 2-3 x 2-3 x 5-10 cm, the pieces are water-soaked during a few hours;
    – 2nd day – 1 snake (30-60 cm of length) + the same meat (adding up to 150-250 g);
    – 3rd day – fatless meat, quail, sizes of pieces are the same, the same water-soaking, but they must also have pieces of bones;
    – 4th day – 1 snake (30-60 cm) + the same meat.

    If you are going to release the eagle back into nature you should try to not contact it often, especially to avoid connecting you or anybody else in its mind with the given food.

    I’ll forward your request to others: Ana Grau, Juan Pablo Díaz and to people of the CG contact group ( I’m sure some of them can give you more effectual help.

  2. tatjana says:

    Hi all.
    I have ended up with the Short toed eagle two days ago, as my gardener brought it to me without much explanation where he got it from. I am based in Cairo. The Eagle can not fly, is too weak and the feathers on his wings are badly damaged. I would like to create for him some good environment so maybe he can be released later.
    Please, if anyone can help me with some advice, or if you know any organisation which might want him/her?

  3. Hi again,
    Last Thursday 26-08-10, the young eagle was released in a hacking in Valdemaqueda. You can find the photos of this event in Feel free to take this photos for no comercial use.
    This is the 6 eagle born in GREFA since year 2000 with the same fathers. All of them have been released in the same hacking.
    If you need more information please write to Ana Grau,

  4. Konstantin says:

    Dear Juan Pablo, thank you for the information! Though you don’t have a special program for Short-toed Eagle, your experience is extremely interesting for other Short-toed Eagle lovers. If you find time to write it down, the text (and/or maybe photos) will be very welcome on Hoveroverus.

  5. Hi, I’m Juan Pablo from GREFA. Yes this year again a short-toed eagle was born in GREFA. We have a couple that is not posible to release to nature and we use them to breed in captivity but we don’t have a program for this eagle. The next week we are going to release the baby in a hacking in Valdemaqueda , west mountains in Madrid.

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