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Roald Potapov’s publication of 1960

This article (Ru) written by Roald Potapov about Short-toed Eagle in southern Tajikistan /map/ was published for the first time in 1960:

• Потапов Р.Л., 1960 – К биологии орла-змееяда в южном Таджикистане [Notes on biology of the Short-toed Eagle in southern Tajikistan] // Изв. сель.-хоз. и биол. наук АН Тадж. ССР 1, 2: 135-137; and was republished in the Russian Ornithological Journal this year:

• Потапов Р.Л. – К экологии орла-змееяда Circaetus gallicus в южном Таджикистане [Notes on ecology of the Short-toed Eagle Circaetus gallicus in southern Tajikistan] // Русский орнитологический журнал 2009, Том 18, Экспресс-выпуск 518: 1789-1792. (Ru).

Thanks to Maxim Gavrilyuk for the pointing this republication out.

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