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Papers and photos on the MEDRAPTORS

MEDRAPTORS: Photoalbum

MEDRAPTORSMediterranean Raptor Migration Network. There is a list of different publications on the site with a new one on migrating Short-toed Eagles. Nicolantonio Agostini, Ugo Mellone, Michele Panuccio, Giuseppe Lucia, Marco Gustin are its co-authors:

• Agostini N., Panuccio M., Lucia G., Liuzzi C., Amato P., Provenza A., Gustin M. & Mellone U., 2009 – Evidence for age-dependent migration strategies in the Short-toed Eagle // British Birds 102(9): 506-508. – Short-toed Eagle. file (En).

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  1. Markus Jais says:

    MEDRAPTORS is a great organisation. I recently published an interview with Ugo Mellone on
    The images are great. Short-toed Eagles are just so beautiful!


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