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S.t.Eagle update

All four Short-toed Eagles with satellite transmitters are here in Israel /map/. One of them (the male) we know where he is nesting, so hopefully we will get some pictures.

Best regards

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  1. Diego says:

    Hey dude,

    Yes, we are working with short-toed eagles in ALicante (Spain) and we have tagged 6 juveniles.

  2. Sameh Darawshi says:

    thanks Konstantin for the information,
    Is the map you attached is for 2 of the eagles or for one? If you find the text for it please inform me.

  3. Konstantin says:

    And probably in addition it would be right to put here a link to the Signals of Spring site and to what they’ve written about your work.

  4. Konstantin says:

    I’ve found one pdf-document Short-toed Eagle. file with something like the confirmation. Page #12, fourth paragraph. The source is GONHS website.
    Also I know that Dr. John Cortes was a coordinator of the project on satellite tracking of two Short-toed Eagles (quotation: “Project details: Satellite transmitter PTT produced by “Microwave Technology Inc” , USA. Satellite tracking provided by ARGOS, France. Project co-ordinator John Cortes, Mapping by Charlie Perez using d-map. Project advisor Roy Dennis“).

  5. Sameh Darawshi says:

    I am not aware of any other research dealing with satellite transmitters except for Meyburg’s and recently me also. I have seen the text on Short-toed Eagle with satellite trasmitter in Gibraltar but i couldnot get in touch with the researchers and didnot hear a confirmation if really they have done the transmittion or not. If anyone knows about that group please give us an update.

  6. Konstantin says:

    Hi Sameh!
    view largerBreeding transmitter carrier, it’s amazing! Hope we will see some new photos this year. Just one question, you probably know the answer. Has somebody studied Short-toed Eagles’ migrating or other movements using satellite transmitters, except Dr. Meyburg and you?

    Once somewhere on the Net I read something about such researches near Gibraltar; there was a text with photos and maps. One of them was saved (click thumbnail), but alas I couldn’t find the link back.

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