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Short-toed Eagle in the North of Ukraine

Mar 11, 2006 / Comment

S. M. Zhyla‘s article about nesting of Short-toed Eagle in the Northern part of Zhytomyr Region (North of Ukraine):

• С. М. Жила, 1999 – Про гніздування змієїда (Circaetus ferox) на півночі Житомирщини [Notes on the Short-toed Eagle breeding in the North of Zhytomyr Region] // Поліському природному заповіднику – 30 років – Збірник наукових праць, В.1: 89-93 (Uk) /map/.
– The summary (En).

Also see below an extract from the work of V. T. Afanas’ev dedicated to ecology of Short-toed Eagle and Booted Eagle in the North of Sumy Region (north-eastern Ukraine) and in the South of Bryansk Region (Russia); and just take a look at the maps to get a notion about geographical location of the both authors’ research regions:

• В. Т. Афанасьев, 1997 – К экологии змееяда и орла-карлика на севере Сумской и юге Брянской областей [Ecology of Short-toed and Booted Eagles in the North of Sumy and the South of Bryansk Regions] // Заповідна справа в Україні, 3 (2): 57-59 (Ru) /map/.
– The summary (En).