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Updating the site with my research


First I want to bless the creator of this website for such an initiative. As a Short-toed Eagle lover and researcher I think we have here a great opportunity to exchange information and concentrate efforts in loving and understanding this lovely Animal.

My research on the Short-toed Eagle here in Israel /map/ brings a totally new aspects that are different or even contradict what is known about Short-toed Eagle in other places i.e. Aggregation and high rodent content in diet, also highest breeding density in the world.

I have replied positively to the creator of this website’s offer to give some updates on the Short-toed Eagle in my study area.

Hence, I am declaring that some updates would be added from time to time.

Any researcher or any birdwatcher, farmer or a field guy who has seen familiar phenomenon with Short-toed Eagle aggregation in his area is kindley requested to send a report to HoverOverUs • Short-toed-Eagle and to me at the following adress:

Best wishes,
Sameh Darawshi

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  1. Konstantin says:

    Thank you for the accession and the first post! As admin of the site I must remind that this project is open for everyone who has something to say about Short-toed Eagles.

    I have a proposition concerning subject of this post. Here we have a blog now, so I think anybody, who can give some information on aggregations of Short-toed Eagles, also may do it right here in the form of comment on this post.

    For example, during my discrete observations since 1989 in the Sumy, Chernihiv and Kiev Regions of Ukraine I have never seen more than three Short-toed Eagles together.

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