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Who also paints S.t.Eagles?

A Short-toed Eagle painted on it’s underwing coverts with red, was seen in Jibraltar this Autumn. No one declared doing such thing and it could be someone not a researcher who has done this marking. At beginning we suspected it is one of mine, but later and after describing the marking seen, i understood it is not one of mine, and possibly not of a researcher because the mark was a huge mark with no coding method.

If anyone knows something about that please contact me at:

my previous mail ( is not longer active.

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2 Responses to “Who also paints S.t.Eagles?”

  1. Sameh Darawshi says:

    Dear Konstantin
    It was observed by 4 bird watchers in gibraltar and saw the marks clearly-insuring it was a painting and not dirt or blood. It was on both wings, on the whole of the underwing coverts. the marking was huge and like a patch and not like a code-something that makes me believe that who did it didnot care about birds much!!!

    In case it is a researcher then he should first coordinate with other researchers using this method (there is a website for such things).


  2. Konstantin says:

    This may be interesting not only for Sameh, so another way to inform us is the comment on the post. Please don’t hesitate to write something here!

    But, dear Sameh, why are you sure that it was the marking, not just something like dirt or blood?

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