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Antonio Sabater’s picture story

Nov 13, 2006 / Comment
Short-toed Eagle. Antonio Sabater's photo story

We would like to invite you to visit the Enfoque10 Photo Agency website. Here you can find the series of photographs representing different scenes of Short-toed Eagles’ life (about 50 images with the maximal size of 700 px). database

Nov 12, 2006 / 1 Comment search results for Slangenarend photos is a popular Netherlandish database of observations on plants and animals in the nature. Such form of the data keeping becomes more and more useful according to accumulation of the data with the increased pithiness of observations (Nl). All records are connected with the on-line map; some of them contain photos and comments.

Oct 16, 2006 / Comment
Short-toed Eagle. Fotodigiscoping search results for Circaetus gallicus

This is the link to one more Spanish photo site; and one more selection of search results for images of Short-toed Eagles in the gallery. The size of the photos is up to 700 px. If you want to get new Short-toed Eagle photos on this site, please use the Buscar (Search) form for it, and don’t forget to try the different names: Culebrera, Culebrera Europea, Circaetus gallicus etc.