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Articles of ROJ: STE in Northern Kazakhstan & Caucasus

Jun 30, 2016 / Comment

The following article and note were published in Russian Ornithological Journal (Русский орнитологический журнал) (Ru):

• С. М. Резниченко, 2013 – Гнездование змееяда Circaetus gallicus в Баянаульском национальном парке (Северный Казахстан) [Breeding of Short-toed Eagle in Bayanaul National Park (northern Kazakhstan, Kazakh Uplands)] // Русский орнитологический журнал, Том 22, Экспресс-выпуск 953: 3491-3493. /map/.

• Г. А. Лошкарёв, 2011 – Смешанная кладка канюка Buteo buteo и змееяда Circaetus gallicus [A mixed clutch of Common Buzzard and Short-toed Eagle] // Русский орнитологический журнал, Том 20, Экспресс-выпуск 669: 1323. /map/. The first publication: Лошкарёв Г. А., 1972 – Смешанная кладка хищников // Орнитология 10: 364.


Data on Short-toed Eagle in new birding DBs

Oct 28, 2015 / Comment
Circaetus gallicus by Oksana Raldugina on

The new birding database has been created this year for collecting pictures, geographical locations and other data of observations from Ukrainian birdwatchers. Among information on other species, it contains details of new records of Short-toed Eagles in various regions of Ukraine. The site has been made by Askar Isabekov and Andrew Simon as an analog of the well-known project for Kazakhstan that has already existed for 10 years. One more similar website is dedicated to Siberian birds. There is not any record of Short-toed Eagle on the last one yet; nevertheless, even isolated observations made at the edge of the species range would be of the great interest for ST Eagle researchers.


Sergey Domashevsky’s photos of Short-toed Eagles

Aug 31, 2013 / Comment
DOMASHEVSKY S. 2010-2013. Northern Ukraine and Central Asia

This gallery consists of photos taken by Sergey Domashevsky in period of 2010-13 during his expeditions to some regions of Ukraine and of Central Asia. Sergey is an expert of Ukrainian Birds of Prey Research Centre, his main activity is aimed at research and conservation of birds of prey in Ukrainian Polesie such as Spotted, Short-toed Eagles and other species of raptors and owls. As always, some explanatory comments can be found below the presented images.


Some photos of Short-toed Eagles in Eastern Kazakhstan

Oct 30, 2011 / Comment
Short-toed Eagle nest in Eastern Kazakhstan

These photos of Short-toed Eagle nest were taken by Sergey Domashevsky this year during an expedition to Eastern Kazakhstan /map/. You can read about the expedition in detail on the UBPRC website. The photographed Short-toed Eagle nest was situated very low above the ground on the saxaul, that is typical for the semi-desert zone. The egg was still incubated at the end of June.


Publications of the Raptors Conservation bulletin

Feb 28, 2010 / Comment

Thanks to Igor Karyakin we have now pulications of the Raptors Conservation bulletin. These articles are dedicated to Short-toed Eagles or include mentions of them. The whole collection is divided into two PDFs by geographical regions:

• RAPTORS CONSERVATION. 2005-2008 – Collection of articles with mentions of Short-toed Eagle in KazakhstanShort-toed Eagle. file (Ru)(En) – 4.8 MB {rough translation}.

• RAPTORS CONSERVATION. 2005-2009 – Collection of articles with mentions of Short-toed Eagle in RussiaShort-toed Eagle. file (Ru)(En) – 14 MB {rough translation}.

Almost every article is bilingual, but some of them have English summary only, such as this one about Short-toed Eagle distribution in Nizhny Novgorod Region /map/:

Typical breeding habitat of the Short-Toed Eagle in the N. Novgorod district

• Бакка С.В., Киселёва Н.Ю., 2009 – Распространение и численность змееяда в Нижегородской области, Россия [Distribution and number of the Short-Toed Eagle in the N. Novgorod District (Region), Russia] // Пернатые хищники и их охрана – Raptors Conservation, 17. C. 121-124 (Ru).


New articles of Nikolay Berezovikov

Nov 15, 2009 / Comment

Two new articles (Ru) of Nikolay Berezovikov have been published in the Russian Ornithological Journal. The study region is located in Eastern Kazakhstan /map/:

• Н.Н. Березовиков, А.С. Левин, С.С. Шмыгалёв, 2009 – Змееяд Circaetus gallicus в Восточно-Казахстанской области [Short-toed Eagle Circaetus gallicus in Eastern-Kazakhstan Region] // Рус. орнитол. журн. 2009. Том 18. Экспресс-выпуск № 523: 1915-1917.

• Н.Н. Березовиков, А.С. Левин, 2009 – Змееяд Circaetus gallicus в Балхашской и Алакольской котловинах [Short-toed Eagle Circaetus gallicus in Balkhash and Alakol lake depressions] // Рус. орнитол. журн. 2009. Том 18. Экспресс-выпуск № 523: 1917-1919.


Short-toed Eagle in Kazakhstan

Jul 28, 2009 / Comment

We present some short articles (Ru) on Short-toed Eagles in Kazakhstan, received from Nikolay Berezovikov. Many thanks to Nikolay Nikolayevich for them!

• Березовиков Н.Н., Жатканбаев А.Ж., 1995 – Гнездование змееяда (Circaetus gallicus) в нижнем течении Или [Breeding of Short-toed Eagle at lower reach of the Ili River] // Selevinia, Т. 3. Вып. 2. С. 68. /map/.

• Березовиков Н.Н., Стариков С.В. Воробьев И.С., 1997 – Южный Алтай – новое место гнездования змееяда [Southern Altai – a new place of Short-toed Eagle breeding] // Проблемы сохранения биологического разнообразия Южной Сибири. Материалы I межрегиональной научно-практической конференции 19-22 мая 1997 г. Кемерово: Кузбассвузиздат, С. 27-28. /map/.

• Стариков С.В., 1997 – Новые данные о распространении змееяда, бородача и орла-карлика в Восточном Казахстане [New data on the distribution of Short-toed Eagle, Bearded Vulture and Booted Eagle in Eastern Kazakhstan] // Биологическое и ландшафтное разнообразие Республики Казахстан. Алматы, С. 81-82. /map/.