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Ciro Patricio Romero’s M.Sc.Thesis on STE in Spain

C.P.Romero's M.Sc.Thesis: Figure 3 - 20: Schematic diagram of model 8A

Heartfelt thanks to Ciro Patricio Romero for publishing his M.Sc.Thesis on our site! Relations between Short-toed Eagle population and snakes populations in Spain are examined in the thesis:

Ciro Patricio Romero, March 2010 – Examining the possible effect of forest area, abundance of snakes and snake species richness on the abundance of Short-toed Eagle, in Spain – M.Sc.Thesis: 110 p. – Short-toed Eagle. file (En) {rough translation}.

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One Response to “Ciro Patricio Romero’s M.Sc.Thesis on STE in Spain”

  1. Irfan Akhtar Iqbal says:

    I went through the work of Mr. Romero. I am extremely delighted to express that the way the author has documented his work is applaudable. His methodology is a guideline for many interested in the field of biodiversity and its conservation. Indeed, his work, being adorned with maps, greases the wheels of its readers to better understand what has been communicated in this write up.

    I personally thank Mr. Romero for sharing his work here.

    Kind regards,
    Irfan Akhtar

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