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Environmental drivers of migration in STE and LLB

Jan 13, 2016 / Comment

The presented work is available on a website of the Electronic Theses & Dissertations Center. It is based on unique research data of Guilad Friedemann collected in period of 2011-2014. The main goal of the work was detection of the correlation between various environmental factors and migratory movements of Short-toed Eagles and Long-legged Buzzards of the Judean Foothills’ populations /map/:

• Krystaal Moonchyld McClain, 2015 – Environmental Drivers of Migration in Two Israeli Raptor Species – M.Sc.Thesis: 106 p. – Short-toed Eagle. file (En).


Distribution modelling by Aidin Niamir

Nov 25, 2010 / Comment
M.Sc.Thesis PDF

One more work from Spain. This M. Sc. Thesis by Aidin Niamir is published on the GEM MSc website (the Academic Output section):

• Aidin Niamir, March 2009 – Distribution modelling of the Short-toed Eagle in relation to potential food availability – M.Sc.Thesis: 75 p. – Short-toed Eagle. file (En).


Ciro Patricio Romero’s M.Sc.Thesis on STE in Spain

Mar 5, 2010 / 1 Comment

C.P.Romero's M.Sc.Thesis: Figure 3 - 20: Schematic diagram of model 8A

Heartfelt thanks to Ciro Patricio Romero for publishing his M.Sc.Thesis on our site! Relations between Short-toed Eagle population and snakes populations in Spain are examined in the thesis:

Ciro Patricio Romero, March 2010 – Examining the possible effect of forest area, abundance of snakes and snake species richness on the abundance of Short-toed Eagle, in Spain – M.Sc.Thesis: 110 p. – Short-toed Eagle. file (En) {rough translation}.


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