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Fresh photos from Maremma

These next photos were recently recieved from Vincenzo. All of them are taken in Maremma Regional Park /map/. 4 Short-toed Eagle nests are controlled in the Park this year. The season promises to be successful. You can view other Vincenzo’s photos on the Flickr gallery.

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3 Responses to “Fresh photos from Maremma”

  1. Despite the clashes and conflicts between various individuals here in Maremma the CG reproductive season was excellent. Reproductive success was 100%: in fact, 4 flying juveniles of 4 controlled Short-toed Eagle pairs. A period of the birth and flight was slightly earlier than in previous years.

  2. Konstantin says:

    Vincenzo, thanks a lot for the new photos! Could you comment how the Short-toed Eagles breeding season finished in Maremma this year?

  3. In the 2012 reproductive season I’m monitoring 4 nests. I found the reproductive success of all 4 pairs. The chicks, all born about 40 days ago, are healthy and very developed. One of them has taken the first flaps when it was only 22-23 days old!

    In the current breeding season it emerges very clearly that in this region of Italy, in the Maremma Natural Park, the local population is passaged by other Short-toed Eagles. This continues to give rise to long and violent conflicts in the air even after occupation of the territories and the phenomenon is being observed throughout the season.

    Also another very peculiar phenomenon has been recorded this year: 2-3 Circaetus gallicus (they belong to different pairs, or 1 breeding adult and 1-2 immature birds without nesting territories) hunt in the same area and are seen in the holy spirit flight in 50 meters from each other!

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