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Beginning of ST Eagle season in Europe

Apr 11, 2014 / Comment

One more season of Short-toed Eagles’ stay in Europe has begun recently. Observers watched the first scenes of their breeding activity. Please enjoy some pictures and photos:

Pages of Francesco Petretti's notepad for April 5Pages of Francesco Petretti's notepad for April 5

Breeding and survey season 2014 started with a rainy day in Maremma, Central Italy /map/. In spite of the bad weather, the pair was doing its job and this is my 38th year with the Short-toed Eagles.

Francesco Petretti (

At the first blush the pictures by Francesco are simple and rough, but they are accurate and for an experienced observer all the depicted scenes are easy to imagine in reality.

Bernard Joubert, 19.03 : the pair of Short-toed Eagles at their nest : the male in the beautiful demonstrative poseBernard Joubert, 27.03 : the pair of Short-toed Eagles at their nest : a rare physical contact of partners

Bernard Joubert observed the same Short-toed Eagles at their old nest in Haute-Loire /map/ since March 10th. The pair occupied the nest also in 2009 and 2012 years. A special hide allows getting unique knowledge of the behaviour of the eagles and taking magnificent photos. According to a recent message from Bernard, the female has finally chosen another nest – one that was occupied in 2013.

Konstantin Pismennyi, 05.04 : a pair of Short-toed Eagles at their breeding site : the female not far from the nestKonstantin Pismennyi, 05.04 : a pair of Short-toed Eagles at their breeding site : the male with prey

My observations at breeding sites of ST Eagles in Kiev Region /map/ began on April 5th. Like in Haute-Loire the same old pair at first seems to be going to occupy the same nest, for 4th year in a row. Now we have to wait and see what will happen next.


Presentation on feeding ecology in Central Italy

Dec 26, 2013 / Comment

Francesco Petretti reports the findings of a long term study of the feeding ecology of two populations of Short-toed Eagle in Western Central Italy /map/: Maremma Regional Park /map/ and Tolfa hills. In both areas snakes represented the bulk of the diet, but there were significant differences in the selection of prey species with a higher number of “not-conventional prey species”, e.g. mammals and toads, in Maremma Regional Park and a stronger predation on Hierophis (Zamenis) viridiflavus in Tolfa hills. The study is in progress and will be implemented in 2014.

• Francesco Petretti, 2012 – Ecologia alimentare del Biancone (Circaetus gallicus) in due aree di studio in Italia Centrale [Feeding ecology of Short-toed Eagle in two study areas in Central Italy] – Short-toed Eagle. file (It) – presentation, 20 pages.

55 days old Short-toed Eagle chick with a Common Whip Snake (Zamenis viridiflavus) in the nest. Photo by Francesco Petretti
The presentation is published on the Stazione Romana Osservazione e Protezione Uccelli (SROPU) website. It contains tables, diagrams and beautiful photos of Short-toed Eagles and snakes.


Fresh photos from Maremma

Jun 30, 2012 / 3 Comments

These next photos were recently recieved from Vincenzo. All of them are taken in Maremma Regional Park /map/. 4 Short-toed Eagle nests are controlled in the Park this year. The season promises to be successful. You can view other Vincenzo’s photos on the Flickr gallery.


Some new videos from Maremma

Jul 17, 2011 / Comment
Il Biancone (Circaetus gallicus) in Maremma

Vincenzo Rizzo Pinna continues to make videos in Maremma Regional Park /map/. Please enjoy new scenes of Short-toed Eagle’s live in the nests controlled by Vincenzo this year. Both these videos were taken on June 29th. Also, have a look at new photos uploaded recently.

Also you can enjoy all videos uploaded by Vincenzo Rizzo Pinna directly on YouTube.


First Short-toed Eagle chick in 2010 in Maremma

May 29, 2010 / Comment
The first Short-toed Eagle chick in 2010. Video by Vincenzo Rizzo Pinna

This is just a message of Vincenzo Rizzo Pinna from Maremma Regional Park /map/: the first Short-toed Eagle chick hatched in the Park on May 22d in the observer’s estimation. In the video we can see the first moment when the chick was left alone in the nest for about 20 minutes. Thank you for the fresh news, Vincenzo!


Short-toed Eagles’ arrival at Italy in 2010

Mar 17, 2010 / 3 Comments
Short-toed Eagle (CIRCAETUS GALLICUS) / by PETRETTI F. 1986

The first Short-toed Eagle in Maremma /map/ was observed on the 5th of March in Ansedonia (Grosseto). On the 14th of March 1 pair was in its nesting territory in Tolfa hills (Roma)/map/: the male was performing a “wing flap display”. The weather now is fine but the temperature is low and approaches zero degree during the night. No snakes at all, maybe the eagles are able to survive without food for few days or to rely on toads?


New videos by Vincenzo Rizzo Pinna

Oct 11, 2009 / 2 Comments

New videos made by Vincenzo Rizzo Pinna in 2009 are uploaded on YouTube. A summer life of one more Short-toed Eagle nest in Maremma Regional Park /map/ is illustrated by them:

You can enjoy all videos uploaded by Vincenzo directly on YouTube. Also 5 videos are commented by the author.


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