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Videos and photos from Systema Naturae

Systema Naturae is a website developed by Vincenzo Rizzo Pinna. He studies birds of prey including Short-toed Eagles in the Maremma Regional Park /map/ and in other places. Let us show you a little gallery of unique video clips (see them below) dedicated to Short-toed Eagles in the Maremma park and also some photos.

In the first video you can see Francesco Petretti /map/. He is a prominent Italian ornithologist and researcher of Short-toed Eagle, he took part in the creation of the “L’Aquila dei serpenti” film. Also you can enjoy all videos uploaded by Vincenzo directly on YouTube.

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3 Responses to “Videos and photos from Systema Naturae”

  1. Konstantin says:

    Thanks a lot for such detailed information!

    Let me wish you good luck in your scientific quest and in development of your site, which promises to be extremely interesting!

  2. Dear Konstantin,

    the application of my video recording sistems applied to my study and my scientific search about the Circaetus gallicus in the season 2006 has produced 90 days of recording during the phases of light of every day.

    In the reproductive season 2007 I have realized a database of about 100 days of recording 24h on 24h filming also the nighttime phases through videocamera with infrared.
    This experience has produced important and unexpected data as for instance the constant interaction of Strix aluco that frequently in the heart of the night attacked the Circaetus gallicus adult female on the nest as the small chick.
    I am preparing some videoclipses related to these UNIQUE nighttime phases and soon you can observe them at my web site
    and at
    My drawn out dates will also serves for a scientific international publication about Circaetus gallicus, I will let you know…

    At the moment, in this reproductive season 2008, I am monitoring 24h on 24h with my video recording systems the activity on one Circaetus gallicus nest and next week I will install another videocamera for videorecording operation on another Circaetus gallicus nest here in my maremma.

  3. Konstantin says:

    and also you can enjoy all amazing videos uploaded by Vincenzo Rizzo Pinna.

    Dear Vincenzo,

    We would be very grateful for your answers to following questions: how many hours of video do you already have? And what about perspectives of continuation of the video filming?

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