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1st breeding Short-toed Eagles in Switzerland

Dec 23, 2012 / Comment
Short-toed Eagle nest in Upper Valais (Switzerland). Video by Lionel Maumary

This year Short-toed Eagles’ breeding was observed in southwestern Switzerland /map/ for the first time. On the website you can find the report on this written by Lionel Maumary:

• Lionel Maumary, 2012 – Le Circaète Jean-le-Blanc a niché en Suisse ! [Short-toed Eagle has bred in Switzerland] // (Fr) {rough translation} – the text contains excellent pictures and video. Also photos of this pair of Short-toed Eagles taken by Thomas Nierle in April 2012 can be viewed here. The juvenile Eagle has left the nest succesfully!


Short-toed Eagle meeting in Florac. Short review

Oct 20, 2012 / Comment
13.10 : participants of the Short-toed Eagle specialists meeting in Florac (Lozère, France). Photo by Christian Aussaguel14.10 : Jean-Pierre Malafosse tells about Short-toed Eagles in Lozère. Photo by Bernard Joubert

Short review of the Short-toed Eagle specialists meeting which was held in Florac, centre of Cévennes National Park /map/ (Lozère, France), on October 13-14:

3e Rencontre Circaète : Florac, 13 et 14 Octobre 2012 (Fr). Heartfelt thanks to Renaud Nadal for sharing this! The meeting was successful. Let’s wish the organizers to maintain this good tradition in the future!


Circaetus gallicus specialists’ meeting in France

Jul 31, 2012 / 1 Comment
A page of the informational letter concerning the meeting

The Circaetus gallicus specialists’ meeting is planned to be held this year in Florac /map/. Please view the informational letter prepared by Bernard Joubert, Jean-Pierre Malafosse and Renaud Nadal: Short-toed Eagle. file (Fr).

Such, already traditional, meetings are important for establishing closer contacts between the Short-toed Eagle watchers from different regions of France and also of other countries belonging to the range of this magnificient bird.


Thoughts of behavioral ecology. Bernard Joubert

Feb 25, 2012 / Comment

Bernard Joubert in his article raises questions of the behavioral ecology of Short-toed Eagle. It is generally accepted that these aspects are highlighted very poorly in relation to the Eagle. This topic is very difficult, with a high probability of erroneous judgments. But at the same time it is extremely exciting and worthy of close attention:

• Bernard JOUBERT, 2012 – Quelques considérations d’écologie comportementale [Some considerations of behavioral ecology] // (Fr).


Stories of invalid Short-toed Eagles

Apr 29, 2011 / Comment

This story is published on the Infos Étang de Berre website:

• René Coste, 2010 – Le sauvetage de «Balthazar», le circaète blessé, les amoureux des beaux oiseaux et, un vent de colère [Salvation of «Balthazar» – a wounded Short-toed Eagle]Short-toed Eagle. file (Fr).

It has reminded me a story of «Jeanne» – an invalid young Short-toed Eagle, which had been found at the nesting site with a broken right wing in 2008. A short article about the bird was written by me and was kindly translated by Bernard Joubert for its publication in the 8th issue of La Plume du Circaète. The eagle had lived 2 years and finally died on August 5th 2010 in the Odessa Zoo.

View Picasa Web Album

Veterinarians made the post-mortem examination, which showed not only a reason of the death – the bad condition of the bird’s digestive system, but also that «Jeanne» had actually been a male. My mistake in determination of the bird’s sex had been made because of several reasons:

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Le Circaète en Basse Provence. Richard Frèze’s website

Oct 7, 2009 / Comment
Short-toed Eagle. Le Circaète en Basse Provencee
This little website about Short-toed Eagles in Provence /map/ contains different information (Fr):
› general points on Circaetus gallicus;
› information on the area I study and on habits of birds in our country;
› data on reproduction from 2002 to 2009 of all the pairs studies, › some statistical data, › some photos, › some studies results or anecdotes and › different links to other websites.

All the subsections are being updated along the year. In fact the main aim of the site is to present data on the Short-toed Eagles of the south of France where they do not have been study until now.


Manifesto against plastic

Jan 7, 2009 / 3 Comments
Manifeste anti-plastique

This document describes the problem of relationships between man and bird regarding methods of the colour marking. The text is available in French and in English now. Also you can say your opinion on the subject making the comment on the Manifeste anti-plastique blog in French or right here in English. As Short-toed Eagle researchers use the colour ringing and the alar marking methods in their work the question must be topical for them.