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Reproduction of certain pairs within 10 years in Ukraine

Oct 31, 2015 / Comment

Comparative reproduction of Short-toed Eagle pairsHow different reproduction of different pairs can be? Some adult Short-toed Eagles occupy the same sites from year to year. They had yet been identified in 2011 by photos taken since 2006 and according to previous and new observations. The birds had got indexes A11, B11 etc. although, in spoken communication we give them more harmonious names: for example, K11 is Barry, B11 is Ospry, and so on. Then later pictures of the individuals repeatedly got into the annual photo galleries. The natural identifying details are general plumage patterns,PISMENNYI K. 2015. Northern Ukraine shapes of heads, wings, beaks and general silhouettes in flight from certain angles as well as signs of moulting. The number of the examined images should be enough to select the details and to collate them. Thus, now it is possible to compare the mean reproduction – Short-toed Eagle. file – of pairs of individuals identified from year to year for certain, definitely without replacements of mates and without clear differences in objective conditions for breeding.


Northern Ukraine. Notable observations in 2014

Jan 31, 2015 / Comment

PISMENNYI K. 2014. Northern UkraineObservations of Short-toed Eagles in Northern Ukraine in 2014 which deserve to be noted:

K. PISMENNYI, 2015 – Data on breeding of Short-toed Eagle in Northern UkraineShort-toed Eagle. file, XLS file with formulas – Short-toed Eagle. file; Replacement of the biggest 14 flight feathersShort-toed Eagle. file; Some short notes on Short-toed Eagles in Northern Ukraine in 2014 // (En).


Some results of Short-toed Eagle monitoring in Ukraine

Nov 29, 2013 / Comment

Monitoring of 9 different pairs of Short-toed Eagles has been conducted during 10 years in Northern Ukraine (Kiev Region /map/, Mizhrichynskyi Park /map/ of Chernihiv Region, southern part of Sumy Polissya /map/). Some calculations and results of the monitoring are represented in tabular forms:

K. PISMENNYI, 2013 – Some data on breeding of Short-toed Eagle in Northern Ukraine // short-toed-eagle.netShort-toed Eagle. file; in the form of XLS file with formulas: Short-toed Eagle. file (En).

Juvenile Short-toed Eagles have recently left their nests. Typical (left) and untypical (right) behaviour in the presence of humanAverage breeding success amounts to 0.60 juvenile / territorial pair and is quite close to this index for France: 0.57. The last result is based on observations of 2835 (!) breeding cases which have been managed to make by French national Circaetus gallicus network for 11 years (Bernard Joubert, personal communication). Also some other conclusions can be made: old pines (Pinus sylvestris) are prefered by Short-toed Eagles for nesting in Northern Ukraine; the eagles more often change their nests than they successfully breed; nest height is highly variable; the eagles’ choice of a nest depends on their previous breeding success; after an unsuccessful season the nest is changed with high probability, after successful one the following choice of a nest is unpredictable.


Just some pictures from Northern Ukraine

Jun 28, 2013 / 1 Comment
PISMENNYI K. 2013. Northern Ukraine

This gallery contains some photos of Short-toed Eagle taken in Northern Ukraine this year. As usual, it is planned to be updated with new pictures if I manage to take something interesting. They may be not as of high quality as of interest for Short-toed Eagle watchers. That is why all of them are commented in detail. Single eagles are named individually with alphanumeric code, for example: “A11” means bird “A” of the gallery of 2011, but “A” without a number here means that the individual has not been marked yet in previous galleries.


Short-toed Eagles in Ukraine. Photos of 2011

Jun 29, 2011 / 1 Comment
Short-toed Eagles in Ukraine in 2011
Although some photos taken by me this year in Ukraine aren’t of the highest quality, they’re interesting (at least in my opinion) and they can’t wait for the autumn to be put on the site. That is why the regular annual gallery is published right now in a bit different format. It is going to be renewed during the season of observations of Short-toed Eagles.

Konstantin Pismennyi
Shot in: Kiev Region /map/, Mizhrichynskyi Park /map/, Sumy Polissya /map/


Viktor Belik’s articles on Short-toed Eagle

Dec 2, 2008 / Comment

A few articles of Prof. Viktor Belik (Rostov State Pedagogical University) on distribution, number and ecology of Short-toed Eagles in several different regions (Ru):

• Белик В.П., 1994 – Распространение, численность и экология змееяда в степном Подонье [Distribution, number and ecology of Short-toed Eagle in steppe Podonie] // Кавказ. орнитол. вестник, вып.6.- Ставрополь. – С.26-29. /map/.

• Афанасьев В.Т., Белик В.П., 1998 – Змееяд в Сумском Полесье [Short-toed Eagle in Sumy Polesie] // Птицы бассейна Сев. Донца, вып.4-5: Мат-лы 4 и 5 конф. “Изучение и охрана птиц басс. Сев. Донца”. – Харьков. – С.45-46. /map/.

• Белик В.П., Ветров В.В., Бабич М.В., Трофименко В.В., 1999 – Змееяд в Волгоградской области [Short-toed Eagle in Volgograd Region] // 3 конф. по хищным птицам Вост. Европы и Сев. Азии: Мат-лы конф., ч.2.- Ставрополь. – С.20-23. /map/.

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The photos were taken during an expedition of Prof. Belik in summer of 2008 in Volgograd Region.