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Merged data on photographing Short-toed Eagles

Mar 31, 2019 / Comment

Best photos of Short-toed Eagle on Birds of Northern EurasiaAskar Isabekov has merged data from different birdwatching websites on the Birds of Northern Eurasia portal. This database allows to monitor appearing new pictures and observations of various bird species in several countries of Northern Eurasia, including Short-toed Eagles. At least 3 out of currently 12 regional sites were mentioned on HoverOverUs before.


Roald Potapov’s publication of 1960

Dec 21, 2009 / Comment

This article (Ru) written by Roald Potapov about Short-toed Eagle in southern Tajikistan /map/ was published for the first time in 1960:

• Потапов Р.Л., 1960 – К биологии орла-змееяда в южном Таджикистане [Notes on biology of the Short-toed Eagle in southern Tajikistan] // Изв. сель.-хоз. и биол. наук АН Тадж. ССР 1, 2: 135-137; and was republished in the Russian Ornithological Journal this year:

• Потапов Р.Л. – К экологии орла-змееяда Circaetus gallicus в южном Таджикистане [Notes on ecology of the Short-toed Eagle Circaetus gallicus in southern Tajikistan] // Русский орнитологический журнал 2009, Том 18, Экспресс-выпуск 518: 1789-1792. (Ru).

Thanks to Maxim Gavrilyuk for the pointing this republication out.