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Merged data on photographing Short-toed Eagles

Mar 31, 2019 / Comment

Best photos of Short-toed Eagle on Birds of Northern EurasiaAskar Isabekov has merged data from different birdwatching websites on the Birds of Northern Eurasia portal. This database allows to monitor appearing new pictures and observations of various bird species in several countries of Northern Eurasia, including Short-toed Eagles. At least 3 out of currently 12 regional sites were mentioned on HoverOverUs before.


Articles about Short-toed Eagle in Strepet journal

May 31, 2011 / Comment

Thanks to the editor of Strepet journal, Viktor Belik, we can bring your attention to 2 detailed articles dedicated to Short-toed Eagles in Turkmenistan and in the North Caucasus which are published in the latest issue of the journal:

• В. П. Белик, 2010 – Змееяд на Северном Кавказе [Short-toed Eagle in the North Caucasus] // Стрепет. Т.8 − Вып. 2 − С. 34–59. – Short-toed Eagle. file (Ru) {rough translation}.

• Н. Н. Ефименко, 2010 – Змееяд в Туркменистане: распространение, гнездовая экология, современная численность и охрана [Short-toed Eagle in Turkmenistan: distribution, breeding ecology, current numbers and conservation] // Стрепет. Т.8 − Вып. 2 − С. 60–85. – Short-toed Eagle. file (Ru) {rough translation}.


Short-toed Eagle in the Badhyz Nature Reserve

Feb 7, 2010 / Comment

Two old articles (Ru) on Short-toed Eagle biology in the Badhyz State Nature Reserve, Southern Turkmenistan /map/:

• Сухинин А.Н., 1957 – Материалы по экологии туркестанского змееяда в Бадхызе [Materials on the ecology of the Turkestan Short-toed Eagle in Badhyz] // Изв. АН ТуркмССР. №5. С. 133-135.

• Симакин Л.В., 1989 – Сведения по биологии туркестанского змееяда в Бадхызе [Information on the biology of the Turkestan Short-toed Eagle in Badhyz] // Изв. АН ТуркмССР. Сер. биол. наук. №4. С. 69-70.


Work of S.A.Bukreev on the Kopetdag Short-toed Eagles

Jan 7, 2010 / Comment

Results of many years’ study of Short-toed Eagle biology in the south-western Kopetdag /map/ by Sergey Bukreev are presented in the following article:

• Букреев С.А., 1996 – Материалы по биологии туркестанского змееяда (Circaetus gallicus heptneri; Falconiformes Accipitridae) на юго-западном Копетдаге [Notes on the biology of Circaetus gallicus heptnery in the south-western Kopetdag] // Зоол. журн., т.75, вып.5. – С. 726-735. (Ru).