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Another subspecies of Short-toed Eagle determined

Nov 30, 2017 / Comment

Quite many articles dedicated to Short-toed Eagle are reprsented on the ResearchGate and not yet described on our site. Currently, we’d like to mark one, which is very fresh, raising a topic of georgaphic variations at the farthest border of the species range /map/ and questioning again the concept of Circaetus gallicus as a monotypic species:

Shengrong Nathaniel NG, Les CHRISTIDIS, Jerry OLSEN, Janette NORMAN, Frank E. RHEINDT, 2017 – A new subspecies of Short-toed Snake-eagle from Wallacea determined from morphological and DNA comparison // Zootaxa, Vol. 4358, No. 2: pp. 365–374. (En).

The abstract of the paper available now is of great interest itself.


G.P. Dementiev’s description of C. gallicus heptneri

May 31, 2010 / Comment
G. Dementiew - Bemerkungen über die geographische Variation des Schlangenadlers

We would like to present a work of Georgiy Petrovich Dementiev published in 1932 in Ornothologische Monatsberichte:

• G. Dementiew, 1932 – Bemerkungen über die geographische Variation des Schlangenadlers [Comments about the geographic variations of Short-toed Eagles] // Ornothologische Monatsberichte, Bd.40, № 6, S.172-173. (De).

This work was dedicated to geographical variations of Short-toed Eagle. The Circaetus gallicus heptneri subspecies was described in the article. It is more often considered now as a clinal variation, but however the article is still of interest and therefore it has been translated to English and to Russian with help of our friends.